Facebook keyboard warrior

I’ve been observing a chap post, comment and advise harmonica players all over social media lately. It’s actually good advice overall, but I found some observations, especially one comment on my own playing, a little hard to swallow. I decided that I could heed the critique he had made if it was backed up by his own expertise on the instrument. To read what he has to say I thought he would be an harmonica player of God-like proportions.

After much, much digging I finally found a video which contained a sample of his harmonica playing. It was a video from over a year ago, an instrumental with him on harmonica as lead. I was stunned at how this player of over fifty years, dishing out his worldly advice, couldn’t actually play very well at all; poor single note clarity, thin tone, inaccurate note bending, etc.

Personally, I think very long and hard before I comment on someone’s work, knowing how difficult it is to learn to play the harmonica, let alone video oneself and place it up online. I try to be positive and if can’t think of anything nice to say, I say nothing at all, it’s not difficult to just keep on scrolling. I also cringe like hell when placing videos of my own playing/practicing up online, I know I have a lot to learn and I’m always keen to get feedback.

This guy can never seem to help himself though: gear, harps, techniques, players; he’s a world expert. And then you hear him play.

I can’t really decide if I have a point or if I’m just bitter about his comment? 🤣

Facebook keyboard warrior

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