Taking an original track to the band.

It’s always nerve wracking bringing an original song to a band. Especially when that band is mainly a covers band that throws in a few of the lead singer’s superb original songs from time to time.

The last time that I dared to bring an original song idea to a band was about twenty years ago and to a very different band. That particular band was an all original indie/rock outfit that had very big dreams and ambitions. My song was pretty much ripped to shreds by the other band members that last time. As I recall they changed the key of the song from major to a minor key, added a middle section that was essentially another whole song and then had me change the lyrics to something less personal.

Now, I’m all for band members adding their own stamp to a song and bringing their own musicality to it, but I think back then that those guys went too far. I did have a fairly solid idea of how the song was supposed to go in my head which I demonstrated on the demo I had recorded and presented them with, along with a copy of the lyrics and chords. What we ended up with was nothing like it, even the title was changed in the end.

This time around was an entirely different affair and a much different band. The band did add their own twist to it, not what I’d imagined but better! They didn’t want to change the key or the tempo, the words or the structure. There was just their feeling, vibe for the song being pushed forward. They left their ego at the door and felt their way around the song, got lost in it and were happy to come along on a little journey of my song.

Since then I feel that the song no longer belongs to me but this time in a much better way. The song is now bigger than me, it’s ours, our band’s song. We made it ours by adding empathetically rather than logically to the musical content. I can’t wait to play it out there live!

Taking an original track to the band.

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