Album Review

When my album first came out a new acquaintance of mine asked if he could review it. I only knew the Antony from being about on the local music scene and playing bass for one of the area’s most prominent bands. Antony had just asked me to appear on a collaborative charity song he planned to record. The song was recorded to raise funds for local radio station Smart Radio GY to help them out during the Pandemic. Apart from that 10 min studio session I didn’t know Antony very well at all. Anyway, he asked if he could review my album, I gave him a copy of the CD and held my breath:

Paul Gillings – Invisible Prison
Release date 13/07/20 
review by Antony Baldwin

In our local music scene nobody is doing what Paul is doing to the quality he is doing it at. This all original album of blues/rock/country is a roller-coaster of musical styles and emotions, sometimes leaving you upbeat, sometimes a bit down but mostly it leaves you speechless by its pure brilliance. 

Personal favourites of mine are the superb rocky ‘KWS’ and the beautifully written/crafted and delivered ‘I don’t know when I’m beaten’. To try and explain this album would take a much better wordsmith than myself, I urge you to buy this album, listen to it and let the genius musical mind of Mr Gillings take you on a journey that will leave you breathless and wanting more. 

This will make for a very difficult next album for Paul. 


Wowsers! Thanks Antony, I owe you a pint for that one! 🙂

Album Review

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