Never slag-off your boss on Social Media

I know it sounds like obvious advice, but some of us have done it and some may also have seen that these ‘fails’ make for great memes too. But really folks, never slag-off your boss on Social Media.

In my previous employment I made the rookie and school boy error of slagging off work on my Facebook page. I was so smug about posting the cryptic and non-specific line. I was convinced that they would never catch me out, I was too clever. It was all about the outcome of what I considered to be a ridiculous task that my boss had had me bound up in for a couple of years. I had a beef and I decided to have a moan and let off some steam online.

I had my privacy locked down, I was not friends with any of the management team at work and I only took friend requests from work colleagues I thought had the same ideals as me, one of which being: ‘stick it to the man’. What could go wrong? Well, it turned out that someone held an old grudge against me that I thought was over. He had his revenge and he served it cold.

The incident that followed could of lead to me not trusting anyone ever again, but it didn’t. The truth is that you can trust people, but you can’t always trust human nature. It was obvious who showed the boss my post from his phone, so I tried to confront him about it. The said ‘grass’ evaded me right up until the day I left the firm. When I was confronted by my boss about the post I did the grown-up thing and denied that the post was about work at all!

I was so angry that I wrote a poem about it:

‘My boss is a dick’
I’ll post that on my wall
He’ll never get to see it
Just for my friends
Not public, at all

How was I to foresee,
Some fucking arse-licker,
Out in the factory,
Would show my boss,
Make him see the screen grab,
To prove that he’s working hard,
A wayward factory lad.

“You posted it in work time,
That’s what irks me most,
This firm has been good to you,
A most auspicious host,
This is how you repay us,
Calling me a dick,
I demand an explanation,
And I want it fucking quick.”

I’m sorry it cost you money,
For me to bad mouth you,
I’ll do it in my own time next time,
And edit my friend list too.

I didn’t actually write the words, ‘My Boss is a Dick’ but the words that I did write would have made for poor poetic coupling!

Thanks for reading.

Never slag-off your boss on Social Media